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Beijing Composite Materials Co., Ltd Neuaussteller (2018)

NO.261, Kangxi road, Kangzhuang, yangqing

102101 Beijing,



+86 10 61162064




BEIJING COMPOSITE MATERIALS CO., LTD. , was founded in 2003. formerly known as BEIJING FRP RESEARCH AND DESIGN INSTITUTE, which was founded in 1958.

It is the first organization engaged in composite materials in China, is a member of CHINA NATIONAL BUILDING MATERIALS GROUP(CNBM). CNMB is chinese biggest company in building materials industry, business including concrete, glass, plasterboard, wind blade, fiberglass, composite materials and products. As a business unit of the group, BEIJING COMPOSITE focus on the composite products and solutions.

For the past fifty years, we have made great contribution to remarkable projects in China, such as China’s first rocket, first artificial satellite, first spacecraft, the Olympic construction projects. Now, Beijing composite already becomes one of leading enterprises in Chinese composites industry.

the company have built up all kinds of process including press molding, pultrusion, vacuum infusion, filament winding etc. By the end of 2015, Beijing composite has won five National Science and Technology Progress Awards , and hundreds of National Defense and provincial science prizes, retains over 50 patents, and more than 20 proprietary techniques.

We built one national engineering research center, one national key laboratory, and one enterprise technology center, Annually accomplish more than 10 research programs from government orcustomers.

Beijing composite inherits the core influence by hosting the authoritative organizations of the FRP industry. such as National Quality Supervision and test Center, National Standardization Technical Committee, Chinese FRP Society. We also have the full range of agencies and functions to serve the entire industry, such as  publisher of journals composite materials.

Currently, Beijing composite has a full business range that integrates R&D, manufacturing, civil projects service. The company possesses ISO9001 quality management system, ISO Environmental Management System and Occupational Health Safety Management System Certification. The products and services covering aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, electric power, clean energy, rail transportation, new construction, environmental engineering and many other fields.

Beijing composite has made great progress with the technology extending, and set up independent companies for CNG cylinders, wind turbine blades, automotive components and so on. The company also seizes the opportunities to form its own core business including: large composite molds, civil phenolic resin, rail transportation composites.

The company will never change the idea of “first-class quality, credit above all”, bring in the domestic and international advanced production technology constantly, strengthen products quality, realize cost savings, strive to develop the high precise products to meet the market demand, serve the society better with all circles together!



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